Concept Development 2/9: MedMate

During the two weeks course Concept Development, nine teams developed a concept to improve one task of their previously selected user group. User groups were limited to mobile, social or outdoor workers and a tablet had to be involved. Concepts were allowed to be visionary up to ten years ahead concerning technical practicability.

Here is the final concept of team 2: MedMate

The Application „MedMate“ is a tablet-based application which we developed for the medical domain. The principal purpose of the software is to update the patients‘ charts automatically to a computer based, centralized database system from which the information can be accessed anywhere within the hospital at any time.

In order to identify the person holding the tablet, all doctors and nurses wear wristbands with integrated chips. Accordingly, the tablet can adjust the user interface.

With the technology of „Near-Field-Communication“ (NFC) it is possible to detect the tablet’s current location. This can be useful to automatically retrieve information about a patient in their individual sickroom. It is also possible to identify patients by scanning wristbands with an analogous technology as already mentioned above.

Supporting the documentation of the patients‘ treatment, the tablet saves doctors‘ diagnoses through a voice-recognition software. The system saves the audio file and its textual representation to the server. To make typing on the tablet more efficient, the tablet provides an interface to a docking station with a keyboard.

The advantage of the system is that it simplifies the internal communication within the medical stuff, because all patients‘ information is available simultaneously in any ward of the hospital. Another point is that staff members don’t need to digitalize analog notes made during a treatment. Therefore, nurses have more time left that can be spent with the patients.

Within the scope of a hospital it is inevitable to provide a solution for hygiene aspects. For this purpose the easy-to-use technology „photo activated disinfection“ (PAD) is used.

Furthermore, it is conceivable to integrate a well-established pager system. It might also be desirable to know a doctor’s location at any time. This could be quite useful if there are issues to be discussed which involve several members of the medical staff. Another advantage is that ordering medication could be directly achieved through the data-processing system.

More Details on their project can be found in the Concept Development Blog.

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