Concept Development 4/9: AMAscout

During the two weeks course Concept Development, nine teams developed a concept to improve one task of their previously selected user group. User groups were limited to mobile, social or outdoor workers and a tablet had to be involved. Concepts were allowed to be visionary up to ten years ahead concerning technical practicability.

Here is the final concept of team 4: AMAScout

AmaScout is a tablet-based application that eases the collection of football specific data in the amateur sector. According to our approach, scouting can be solved by a larger group of people by using new technologies (tablet computers) in a strong simplified manner. Additionally, the whole scouting process has to be less time consuming and cheaper for more people to be potential scouters.

The way the application works can be described with an easy example: a coach tries to build-up his team as good as possible, so he needs some information about the upcoming opponent.
By using AmaScout, he enters the match to be observed and a scout is able to confirm his attendance. The easy-to-understand Graphical User Interface allows each club member to assume the scouting. By making team notes as well as individual notes, the scout has a variety of opportunities to acquire data. After saving the information, the data will be stored in a database automatically.

Due to the fact that amateur trainers are still using rudimentary tools like flip charts and notepads, it becomes apparent that there is a great development potential. Professional clubs are equipped with the newest technical features, however, these equipments are not affordable for amateur clubs.

Future scenarios (which were not shown in the video above) and story lines that could enhance the experience and quality of our idea:

Multi scouting
More scouts are able to watch multiple games and take notes, giving the trainer a more detailed insight on tactics or gameplay of the opponent teams. Also: Opinions can differ. Now the trainer is able to choose between multiple recordings.
Saving scores, tactics, gameplays, conditions of players etc an amateur team can build up a great database providing their present and future trainers an enhance insight of games as well as great statistics sighted in the past.
Video analysis
More and more tablets are equiped with high(er) resolution backside cameras which can be used to take live pictures of the gameplay in combination with live annotation in the recording video.

More Details on their project can be found in the Concept Development Blog.

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