Cooperation Visit to China

Our research group has a number of close cooperation links with academic institutions in various parts of the world. The backbone of any such link usually is a personal relationship between people working at the two institutions. One of the more exotic links we have is to a university in Southwest China, Sichuan Province, in the city of Chengdu. Dr. Chen Yaxi is working at this university as a lecturer, and she has stayed at our research group for three years (2008-2010), and she has obtained her doctoral degree from LMU.

In October/November 2012, Professor Hussmann was invited by the „Southwest University for Nationalities“ in Chengdu, where Dr. Chen is working now, with support from a Chinese funding program for international collaboration. Several meetings with staff and students of the university took place, including a well-attended lecture on basic theories for human-computer interaction (see photo). Students showed much interest, and a very lively and open discussion took place after the lecture.

Currently, we are investigating opportunities for further strengthening the collaboration, for instance by research and teaching on intercultural aspects of human-machine interaction. By the way, students interested in this topic and in an exchange with China, please contact Prof. Hussmann!

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