A designers‘ friendly programming toolkit for smartwatches.

Dominik Paluch presented last week his work on making Processing sketches run on the Wimm One smartwatch. His work involved doing a survey of existing smartwatches on the market, and a survey of smartwatches developers‘ needs.

We picked the Wimm One as it is a Standalone watch (doesn’t have to be connected to a phone), it runs Android and comes with and interesting set of inputs (sensors + capacitive touch screen).

Dominik reviewed a set of developing environments for non-trained programmers: Scratch, Alice, Processing, App Inventor… And decided to extend the Alpha version of Processing for Android.

The project is available on Google Code, Dominik modified the Processing IDE, its compiler to Android and developed code to support native Wimm One gestures, further developed a set of Processing Libraries facilitate access to the accelerometer data, the magnetometer data and support custom gestures input.

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