CHI 2013 in Paris

The Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI) is the premier annual conference in the field of Human-Computer-Interaction. For researchers in our field, it is the most important venue to publish and present their work.

At CHI 2013 in Paris, our group is represented in almost all categories.

Papers and Notes:
Full papers and notes are the most important submission category of CHI. This year, the acceptance rate was 19%. Three of our submissions got accepted and we are more than happy to announce that all of them received a „Best Paper Honorable Mention Award“. The official announcement states that „of the nearly 2000 papers submitted to CHI this year, this paper was selected as one of the very best — one of a little less than 5% of submissions to receive this designation.“

Back-of-Device Shapes

De Luca, von Zezschwitz, Nguyen, Maurer, Rubegni, Scipioni, Langheinrich. Back-of-Device Authentication on Smartphones. (Paper, Best Paper Honorable Mention Award)

Fake Cursors

De Luca, von Zezschwitz, Pichler, Hussmann. Using Fake Cursors to Secure On-Screen Password Entry. (Note, Best Paper Honorable Mention Award)


Beyer, Köttner, Schiewe, Haulsen, Butz. Squaring the Circle: How Framing Influences User Behavior around a Seamless Cylindrical Display. (Paper, Best Paper Honorable Mention Award)

Work-in-Progress Papers:
The Work-in-Progress track allows authors to present their ongoing work in a more concise format. Three submissions from the media informatics group were accepted. We want to specifically highlight the WiP paper by Denys Matthies, a media informatics student.

  • Knobel, Hassenzahl, Lamara, Schumann, Butz. A Trip into the Countryside: An Experience Design for Explorative Car Cruises.
  • Matthies. InEar BioFeedController: A Headset For Hands-Free And Eyes-Free Interaction With Mobile Devices.
  • Hausen, Wagner, Boring, Butz. Comparing Modalities and Feedback for Peripheral Interaction.

There are several workshops in conjunction with CHI every year. This year, our group is engaged in organizing two workshops and we are presenting papers at four different workshops.


Workshop Papers:

Special Interest Groups:
SIGs provide a forum to have focused discussions on a specific topic for a whole 80-minutes session. This year, Alexander De Luca is co-organizing a SIG on “Designing Interactive Secure Systems”.

We want to thank all our collaboration partners who worked very hard to make all this possible. See you in Paris and hopefully also in Toronto 2014!

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