Programmierung mit Kinect: StarFlowers

Die Arbeit “StarFlowers” wurde im Rahmen des Kurses Programmierung mit Kinect im Sommersemester 2013 von Frederik Brudy und Janko Hofmann erstellt.

Description: Star Flowers is an interactive art simulation by Frederik Brudy and Janko Hofmann: A passing stranger can interact with an initially blank screen. He can seed plants and watch them grow. As long as he ist present, his plants will flourish, but as soon as he leaves they will wither and the simulation starts over again. 

The states of the simulation can be seen in the following diagram:

States of the StarFlowers App

States of the StarFlowers App by Frederik Brudy and Janko Hofmann

As in real life: Gardening ist hard work, as you can see in the following picture.

Gardening is hard work

Our app works well with two separate Kinects and manages to display at a high framerate, which we fixed at 33FPS. To prevent burning in on the screens, there is not static content, thus making the app suitable for long-time-display.

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