Programmierung mit Kinect: Kinoid

Die Arbeit “Kinoid” wurde im Rahmen des Kurses Programmierung mit Kinect im Sommersemester 2013 von Nicoleta Mihali und Christian Frey erstellt.

Description: The project “Kinoid” aims at creating an entertaining and informative space for passers-by. Two Kinect cameras are used to enable interaction with a public display.

At first sight the large screens on Amalienstraße only show a lonely Android walking around. However, once there is a person standing in front of the display, the Kinect cameras recognize him and his silhouette appears on screen. Thus, the display reacts to the user and offers instant feedback.

A speech bubble containing information about “Medieninformatik” also appears near the silhouette and follows it while it is moving. The user can now interact with the Android by performing different gestures. For instance, he can wave to the small creature which in turn, waves back. A more choleric person may slap it, causing it to turn red. Other possible interactions are scaling the Android up or down.



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