Concept Development 7/9: EasyExam

During the two weeks course Concept Development, nine teams developed a concept to improve one task of their previously selected user group. User groups were limited to mobile, social or outdoor workers and a tablet had to be involved. Concepts were allowed to be visionary up to ten years ahead concerning technical practicability.

Here is the final concept of team 7: EasyExam

EasyExam is a tablet-based concept that will save time and paper in everyday life at school with focus on preparing and running tests more efficient. By using a tablet the exam preparation with EasyExam is location-independent and less complex. Letting the pupils write the test on their own tablets makes the process completely paperless and more cheating-safe.

The application offers multiple tools to teachers for working and browsing through teaching materials which are relevant for the test e. g. archived tests, example tasks, syllabus, books. Customizable templates speed up the creation of individual tasks and boost the re-use of already elaborated and approved material. With EasyExam new types of multimedia tasks can be integrated in tests such as videos, audio samples or animations.

In the classroom the teacher chooses the prepared exam and initiates the registration phase. Pupils within immediate reach logon for the test and download the exam documents. The pupil’s tablet automatically switches to the exam mode. In this mode all unnecessary or forbidden functionalities such as Wi-Fi are locked except of permitted utilities according to the test e. g. a calculator or a special dictionary. Even editing the exam is prohibited until the teacher gives the starting signal. To anticipate peculation the tablet continuously ensures (e. g. with face detection) that the test is written by the authorized disciple. If the distance between two tablets goes below the minimum the displays turn off to avoid that one pupil copies from the other.

When the time is up, all tablets will be locked synchronously and the exam data will be uploaded. According to the type of tasks EasyExam can help the teacher to correct the test and save even more time.

As you can see, preparing and running the test via EasyExam saves the teacher time. In addition, by doing all these things without a single book or college block our concept also saves paper and money.

But the idea, respectively the use of our concept is not limited to prepare and perform exams.

With many features for minimizing cheating possibilities (like face or handwriting recognition etc) and starting and ending all exams simultaneously it gives pupils and teachers a certain kind of fairness.

There are a lot of more possibilities how it can enrich the teachers lesson design: data can be gathered and displayed on an interactive whiteboard, books can be replaced by tablets, multimedia can be shown straight to the pupils…

EasyExam might be for Exams only, but our whole concept can be applied to a huge field in a teachers everyday life.

More Details on their project can be found in the Concept Development Blog.

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