CHI 2014 in Toronto

The Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI) is the premier annual conference in the field of Human-Computer-Interaction. For researchers in our field, it is the most important venue to publish and present their work.

At CHI 2014 in Toronto, our group is represented in almost all categories, and we are especially happy that even more papers than last year got accepted.

Papers and Notes:
Full papers and notes are the most important submission category of CHI. This year, the acceptance rate was 23%. Six of our submissions got accepted and we are very happy to announce that one of them received a „Best Paper Honorable Mention Award“.

2Nora Broy, Stefan Schneegass, Florian Alt, Albrecht Schmidt
FrameBox and MirrorBox: Tools for Prototyping User Interfaces for 3D Displays (Video)


thumbnail Alexander De Luca, Marian Harbach, Emanuel von Zezschwitz, Max Maurer, Bernhard Slawik, Heinrich Hussmann, Matthew Smith
Now You See Me, Now You Don’t – Protecting Smartphone Authentication from Shoulder Surfers (Video)

1Miriam Greis, Florian Alt, Niels Henze, Nemanja Memarovic
I Can Wait a Minute: Uncovering the Optimal Delay Time for Pre-Moderated User-Generated Content on Public Displays (Video)


3Jonna Häkkilä, Maaret Posti, Stefan Schneegass, Florian Alt, Kunter Gultekin, Albrecht Schmidt
Let me catch this! Experiencing interactive 3D Cinema through collecting content with a mobile phone (Video)

thumbnail_file621-6Felix Lauber, Andreas Butz
In-Your-Face, Yet Unseen? Improving Head-Stabilized Warnings to Reduce Reaction Time (Video)


file113-2Julie Wagner, Eric Lecolinet, Ted Selker
Multi-finger Chords for Hand-held Tablets: Recognizable and Memorable (Video) – Best Paper Honorable Mention Award


Work-in-Progress Papers:
The Work-in-Progress track allows authors to present their ongoing work in a more concise format. Seven submissions from the media informatics group were accepted.

There are several workshops in conjunction with CHI every year. This year, our group is engaged in organizing two workshops and we are presenting papers at four different workshops.


Workshop Papers:

TOCHI is a journal which also offers the presentation of the work at CHI. We also got one paper accepted there.

We are happy that we were able to help shaping the program bei reviewing for all available tracks and being part of the the program committee. During CHI we will be present as session chairs and support CHI with three student volunteers.

We want to thank all our collaboration partners who worked very hard to make all this possible. See you in Toronto!

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