Praktikum 3D Modellierung: Oktoberfest 1910 – Augmented Reality App | Junaio Channel

Die folgende Arbeit entstand im Rahmen der Lehrveranstaltung „Praktikum 3D-Modellierung mit Blender“ unter der Leitung von Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Höhl im Sommersemester 2014.

Oktoberfest 1910 – Augmented Reality App | Junaio Channel
Implementierung: Jens Fakesch, Maximilian Hackenschmied

„Oktoberfest 1910. Junaio Augmented Reality Channel“ lets you experience the history of the world’s largest public festival. Through augmented reality you can examine realistic 3Dmodels projected to an historical map of the Oktoberfest 1910.





  • Interaction Through augmented reality the smartphone is the window to the past. You can either use the table version to examine a miniaturized version of the Oktoberfest on your desk, or you can actually be at the Theresienwiese and explore the historical ‘Wiesn’ in real size. Additional information in audio, text and animation is provided just tap on a building you’re interested in!
  • Table VersionA miniaturized version of the Oktoberfest is projected on a historical map, which you can print out. You can move the map or yourself in order to explore historical Wiesn from different angles and perspectives.
  • Reallife Version (not yet implemented) – Stand at the foot of the famous Bavaria explore the historical Oktoberfest in it’s geographical context. Buildings are situated at their actual position from a hundred years ago!
  • MindsetWe want to provide an unique experience in letting the user have a look at the great tradition of world’s biggest public festival.

Installation guide:




Site plan for printout

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